Whiplash Relief

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Dr. Matthew Phinney here with The Chiropractic Doctors of greater Grand Rapids. Have you been effected by whiplash or know someone who has? If so, keep reading for my findings on factors that influence whiplash injuries. I also recently posted an article about the fundamentals of a whiplash: such as what exactly occurs to your spine during impact, symptoms of whiplash, and home remedies to temporarily ease pain. To learn more about the basics of whiplash, click here: http://bestgrandrapidschiropractor.com/whiplash/

??????????? What I?ve found with my patients now and in the past who were dealing with whiplash, is that there are factors to the intensity of your injury. Impact is a huge one, yet there are surprisingly several others such as genetic, habitual, or your circumstances. For example, gender plays a role due to different body builds between men and women. Women are more prone to serious injury from whiplash from differing muscle and bone structures. Your overall health, posture, and awareness of the oncoming impact also play a large role in how serious your injury will be.

??????????? It is my advice to seek medical care if you are experiencing pain from a whiplash injury. Often times symptoms may not begin or catch your attention for a few weeks post injury, which may decrease your chances at a quick recovery. If this seems to be your case, or you?re looking for help in relieving pain; myself and my staff are here to help. Chiropractic care is proven to be one of the most effective forms of treating a whiplash injury, and being ranked as ?best Grand Rapids chiropractor?; we?re confident that you?ll find relief and care here. To contact us or set up an appointment, reach out to any of the following:

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