How To Relieve Headaches And Migraine!

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Something, very common in our day-to-day life, unfortunately, is the headache. In fact there are several kinds of headaches, where the most frequent are: cervicogenic and migraine headache.

Migraine presents with pulsatile and intense pain that comes to cause nausea and vomiting. The symptoms usually get worse with clarity and noise. The cause of the migraine is still not well defined (it is theorized that some stimulation in the trigeminal nerve would cause release of substances that lead to dilation of blood vessels that, in a sequence of events, would cause an inflammatory process with nerve stimulation that would generate the pre-migraine and cause typical pain and discomfort). But what is well known are triggering factors, which can range from inbuilt foods (sausages, sausages) and beverages (coffee, alcohol), to fasting, stress and hormonal changes (since it is predominantly female).



Cervicogenic headache is a much more common type, and its cause is associated with poor posture, muscle tension and cervical (neck) joints. These factors cause painful stimuli that are sent to the brain and understood as a “headache.” It is therefore a pain in the neck, which is understood by the brain as a “pain in the head”. It is usually less intense than migraine and “palpable” (it is possible to identify the main area that hurts and triggers pain for other areas).

Because Kennewick chiropractors treat neuro-musculo-skeletal dysfunctions, they have very good results in the treatment of cervicogenic headache and migraine. In many cases, a joint dysfunction is the cause of the muscular tension that initiates the symptoms (not only prolonging, massaging or taking medicine), then one must act in the cause: it is necessary to remove the dysfunction through the adjustment done by the chiropractor. The improvement then occurs from the inside out: with the normal movement of the joint there is the normalization of the muscular tone, which allows a better range of movement of the neck and favors a good posture, diminishing painful sensations.