What does an Elderly Caregiver Do?

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An elderly caregiver is extremely important for families who need special patient care (ดูแลผู้ป่วย, which is the term in Thai).

This professional has the main function of caring for a particular elderly, thus, he must meet the needs such as: hygiene, food, medicines and etc.

Nowadays, the caregiver profession of the elderly is growing a lot, because with the running routine that many families take per day, many family members do not have time to take care of an elderly person.

Therefore, the caregiver can spend all day with the patient and even sleep in the family home; everything depends on the agreement that is made with the relatives. The caregiver should take a shower, change diapers if necessary, change clothes, help with medication and other tasks that must be determined by the family.

What does an Elderly Caregiver Do

How to become a professional in an elderly caregiver

If you enjoy taking care of seniors, you can look for a family that needs work and show off their qualities to take care of the elderly. To exercise this profession, it is essential that the person has some requirements, such as: patience, calm and agility, since caring for the elderly can often not be a very easy task.

News that scares a lot in the media are those, that portray the sad reality of caregivers who beat up elderly people. So this profession only caters to people who will really have the patience and tranquility to deal with a person who needs attention and other care 24 hours.

Besides, it also takes a lot of agility to not forget anything during the day. As for salary, this should be an agreement made with the family. So if you want to become a caregiver, think and rethink several times if that really is a profession that suits you!