Cloth Face Mask with PM2.5 Filter Subscription is a Way to Protect Yourself and Others from Germs and Illness

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a worldwide race for protective masks has made them disappear from the shelves.

To avoid contamination by the new coronavirus, one of the ways is to use respiratory mask, especially for those who have flu-like symptoms. There are conventional masks, called PM2.5 filter mask and N95 reusable mask that is intended for health professionals.

However, with the spread of the disease, the general people also making cloth masks as a barrier against covid-19.

ace Mask with PM2.5 Filter Subscription

The medical professionals advise that correct disposal and washing are essential for each type. In the case of reusable N95 mask, it must be replaced every three hours and thrown in the trash. The homemade ones should also have two layers of cloth, and be washed every three hours, and it is important to glue the PM2.5 filter so that it can be removed and replaced. All masks must be removed by the handle, without touching them.

The doctors also stress that if cloth masks are used, each person should have their own and wash properly. Even after cleaning, it is important to iron with an iron and points out that no mask is 100% efficient.

Each one must wear his own, not exchange a mask with anyone, even washed, ironed and dried. In addition to the sick people, the people who care for them have to protect themselves, none is 100% safe but they help to control the transmission a little. Leave it well adjusted to the face.

Social isolation and hygiene, according to the doctor, are still fundamental care to prevent the proliferation of the disease. The main way to avoid the new coronavirus is physical distance between people and quarantining is recommended.

If you have to leave, stay at least two meters away from anyone else, avoid staying in crowded places, closed places without ventilation. The less you leave the better. We have to be quarantined, no one leaves the house, just in strict need.

The recommendation is also that not only infected patients use masks, but the entire population begins to use protection. For this, we brought tutorials on how to use your own mask. Remembering that the average use is 2 hours, or until it is humid. In addition, the use is individual. No mask for the family, everyone has to have their own.

To be effective as a physical barrier, the general mask needs to follow some simple specifications. It must have at least one layer of PM2.5 filter. Regarding the filter choices, they can be PM2.5 filter or N95 reusable mask, provided they are designed and sanitized correctly. They make a good barrier. The difference is that they have different filters in order to maintain self-care.

People should also wear a mask at home because anyone can be a potential transmitter. If you live alone or have been quarantined for more than 14 days, without actually leaving, you are less likely to have the disease. But if the individual works out or has been out a lot, this recommendation is valid at home.