Do You Need Therapy? When Should You See A Therapist?

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Although we live in a more open society, it is still taboo for many people to seek a mental health specialist, which causes many to postpone the search for psychotherapy. Misconceptions like that who needs a psychologist suffers from serious mental disorders, or that a chat with a friend can have the same effect make people arrive at the professional late, which makes preventive work difficult.


Who can seek Therapy?

Anyone can seek and benefit from professional therapist at PrimeTherapist, as it has a positive impact on quality of life, improving interpersonal relationships and self-awareness.

This is preventive work, when the person seeks the professional in search of self-knowledge. However, people usually seek professional help only when something is not going well. In these cases, the important thing is to seek the psychologist as soon as the need is perceived, avoiding the worsening of the condition.

A few questions to ask yourself can help you identify when to seek therapy:

– Do I feel that people around me currently don’t understand me?

– Things in my life don’t seem to fit?

– Have I been more irritable?

– Do I suffer from constant pain, physical discomfort, or recurring illnesses?

– I don’t feel like doing things I used to like?

– Have feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, anger or discouragement become more constant?

– Have I done what I could and can’t solve the difficult situation I’m going through?

– It seems that everything is my fault?

– Is my professional life complicated, or does it not evolve as I would like?

– Has there been a drop in my productivity, at work or at school?

– Have I had difficulties in my family, professional relationships or with friends?

– Does my behavior damage my life?

– Do I experience excessive fears, fads or have I been showing altered behaviors?

– Have I resorted to the use of alcohol or illegal drugs more often?

– Do I perceive difficulties in my affective or sexual relationships?

– Do people who live with me say that I need help?