5 Major Sleep Misconceptions Demystified

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Familiarity breeds contempt is an old and oft-repeated cliché. Familiarity also breeds misconceptions, as is clear from a plethora of myths surrounding sleep. We all are so much accustomed to this daily activity that we fail to notice some of the glaring sleep misconceptions.

Social media platforms are also contributing to the spread of misinformation about sleep. Unless you wake up to these myths, you will continue to count an infinite number of sheep. Hence we need a proper sleep routine for a healthy mind and body. Now a days we get more options to buy the best memory foam mattress, pocket spring mattress, latex mattress and memory foam  mattress online.

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It is okay to have a bedtime routine for a good sleep

We have noticed that people are used to working on laptops, watch TV shows, and browse through messages. Worse still, they are convinced that such a routine is going to help them get proper sleep. This is not entirely true as working on a laptop or spending time to catch up with messages may disturb the mind and lead to sleep disturbances. The ideal hang-out routine should listen to soft music or reading a delightful book. Ideally, keep your mind as calm as possible to enjoy a satisfactory sleep with the best mattress.

Our body needs just about 5 to 6 hours of sleep

There is a piece of scientific evidence to substantiate that a sound sleep of about 8 hours is necessary to get the maximum benefits of the rest required by the body. If you force yourself to get up early in the morning, then your body will try to compensate for the lack of sleep by making you feel sleepy during the daytime. Daytime drowsiness can be hazardous if you are driving, doing critical work, or operating machines.

Sleeping longer is good for you

This myth is exactly opposite to the earlier misconception about sleeping for just 5 to 6 hours. Sleeping for ten or more hours is a sign that there is something wrong with your system. If someone is sleeping more than usual and is recuperating, then this is perfectly normal. In the case of others, a long duration of sleep may show a health concern.

Taking a sleeping pill or two occasionally is fine

We should never try sleeping pills without a doctor’s advice. These pills contain hypnotics that act on your central nervous system. Even if you use take sleeping pills once in a blue moon, you may land up in a serious situation if your body craves for it.

You will need less sleep as you age

We observe that senior citizens wake up early in the morning, and this can lead us to believe that they need less sleep than young folks. There is a significant deterioration in the overall quality of sleep because of aging. Hence we can go for online shopping for mattresses to get a good and healthy sleep. Old people also require approximately eight hours of sleep. Most of the old people are used to take a nap in the afternoon to make up for the lost hours of sleep during the night.