The Health Benefits of Eating Edible Flowers

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Flowers are commonly used for decorative purposes or landscaping purposes. But did you know that many flowers are edible and actually provide nutritional value? Yes, it’s true.

The first thing to mention is you should always eat flowers that you are 100% confident are not poisonous. There are a variety of resources that can help you determine which flowers are edible or not but here’s a few that are definitely edible.

Allium flowers are edible and they taste like garlic or onions. So are angelica flowers, which have a licorice-like taste. Do you currently enjoy herbs? If so, many of the flowers of herbs are edible, too, including mint flowers, basil flowers, chamomile, and the list goes on. Even so-called “weeds” like dandelions are edible and provide nutritional value.

The Health Benefits of Eating Edible Flowers

So what are some ways you can add flowers to your diet? One of the simplest ways is to use flowers to make green or black tea taste more flavorful. All you have to do is buy some dried flowers and steep them with your tea. You’ll be surprised at how much flavor they add. For example, hibiscus flowers add a strong, tart, cranberry like flavor to your tea. Jasmine flowers add a unique sharp taste that is hard to describe. Both types of flowers also add even more nutritional value to your tea.

Another way you can add edible flowers to your diet is by adding them to your garden salad. For example, get some lettuce, carrots, and onions. Then instead of garnishing with a tomato garnish with a flower like hibiscus that is very high in vitamin C and has sweetness, too. Another trick is to add dried flowers to a fruit or vegetable smoothie. The options are endless.

In closing, next time you see flowers, realize they are much more than a decoration. They could be a productive part of your diet.