The 4 Major Types Of Medical Waste And How To Handle Them

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All the people who handle the medical waste whether it is in a big hospital, dental clinic, or laboratory, know very well that medical waste is managed differently than other types of wastes.  The office waste can be recycled, but to dispose of medical waste, it is crucial to follow strict laws. It is impossible to handle all types of medical waste in the same way. Commonly, there are 4 main types of medical waste, but what they are and how to dispose of them? 

The 4 Major Types Of Medical Waste And How To Handle Them

  • General Medical Waste

This type of medical waste is not considered to be risky because it includes office waste, papers, and plastic items. All of these things can be disposed of on a daily basis and don’t require any special management. 

  • Infectious Medical Waste

It is filled with destructive materials that can pose a risk of infections to the animals, humans, and the environment. It includes injections, body parts, swabs, bandages, and surgical things. Federal and state departments have comprehensive rules about the storage, transport, disposal, and processing of infectious waste. 

  • Hazardous waste 

This waste type is harmful but is not perceived as infectious to humans. All the sharps such as needles, scalpels, and broken glass pieces, no matter if they are used or not, has the ability to harm the user. Chemotherapy instruments and chemicals also fall into this type.  

  • Radioactive Medical Waste

This type of waste contains radioactive material that is very dangerous for humans. It includes polluted materials and syringes produced from nuclear medicine processes. Nuclear medicine uses radiation to get information about the functionality of different organs of the patient.   

Medical waste must be handled by a professional and licensed medical waste disposal company. They will take care of the waste to decrease the risk and to keep the environment safe. 

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