What You Should Know About Female Incontinence

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Like men, women are also not safe when it comes to incontinence. In fact, incontinence affects twice more in women compared to men. This is because of various factors that concerns with the female anatomy. These factors include pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. They help increase the chance of incontinence in women over at the age of 18.

There are around 24% of women ages 18 and above who suffers from incontinence. This is more common in women than men because of the factors mentioned above. Some women think that this is part of their anatomical structure instead of a medical condition.

So what are the types of incontinence that target women?

Types of Incontinence


Stress Incontinence occurs due to external factors. These factors may include excessive laughing, coughing or sneezing, which puts a lot of pressure on your bladder. Because of this, your bladder cannot hold it in much longer and will leak out a small amount of urine.


This type of incontinence deals with the feeling of the sudden need of relieving yourself in the bathroom. Most of the time, you?ll fail to reach the bathroom in time, which results in urine leakage.


This type of incontinence deals with the feeling of ?not relieving enough.? If you are suffering from this type of incontinence, you?d feel that your bladder is constantly full to a point that relieving yourself is not enough. Small leaks of urine happen because your bladder is ?constantly full.?

Some causes of incontinence in women include urinary tract infection (UTI), surgical procedures, and birth defects. The most common will be UTI since the illness targets the bladder. Incontinence can be cured so it is important to have regular check-ups to detect the early signs of it.

How to Deal With Female Incontinence

Avoid Holding Pee in for a Long Time

Holding in your pee is bad for your health. This can cause potential damage to your bladder, which may result in incontinence or other severe illnesses. Make sure to always go to the bathroom when needed to avoid bladder infection

Use of Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are one of the popular products that can help with incontinence. They function like an ordinary diaper but patterned after adults. They help prevent leaks from coming out when you?re busy going on with your lives. For those who are suffering from heavy incontinence, adult diapers can help. Disposable ones are very popular due to their accessibility as well as their easy way of disposing of it. You can wear your undergarments over them when you?re outside.

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