Metabolic Training to Lose Weight without Losing Muscle Mass

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Some argue that in a workout to lose weight and burn fat, the ideal is to do a lot of cardio and to gain muscle mass is to do weight training. But what if you can combine the benefits of both, burn fat and gain muscle, all in short workouts? This is where metabolic training comes  in, such as weight loss training.

A workout in which you can use the same material as in a strength training, but done with a different methodology, in which you choose some high intensity interval training with the minimum rest possible until all the sets are finished.

Furthermore, enroll the personal trainer continuing education to be the expert in metabolic training.


3 benefits of metabolic training

  1. Demands a lot from the glycolytic anaerobic system

Glycolytic anaerobic system is a system that generates energy quickly and that promotes the accumulation of lactate when the duration of exercise varies between 10s and 3 minutes.

When this system works for a long time, it promotes a large release of growth hormone, which provides greater fat burning.


  1. Promotes an increase in EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption)

This way, the metabolism has a peak in which it consumes more calories and this window of higher consumption can last up to 36 hours after the training ends.


  1. Metabolic training is a type of strength training

Our body, in response to exercise, will slightly increase its muscle mass and strength, due to the demand it is subjected to during effort. 

The increase in muscle mass in metabolic training occurs through the increase of fluids and intracellular reserves and not specifically the muscle fiber.


Therefore, it is considered a hypertrophy training with quick results, but not lasting, since the loss of these gains occurs as soon as the training process is interrupted.