Benefits of Tooth Replacement

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Tooth replacement is a promoted technique which is used to replace damaged tooth or all teeth. Before teeth replacement technique bridges or full dentures were used to fill the place of a missing tooth. Titanium is the main element used in this technique. While doing a replacement two things are mainly concentrated; the visible portion and the root portion as it feel like screwing or plating. Implant can be helpful for those who have missing teeth or no teeth at all. Missing teeth cast a bad impact over others and also understate self-confidence.


Artificial denture which is worn partially can come out at the time a person ate or talk, it causes embarrassment in this way and if it is misfit inside the mouth it can be a trouble to wear the denture. A tooth replacement enables a person to smile confidently and eat his favorite food without worrying. A replaced tooth or denture looks natural and you don?t get worry about its removal or loosing. Patient is supplied local anesthesia before replacing teeth. After replacement patient goes through a 3-5 month healing period and proper fixation of teeth.

A small screw is fixed at the root of the teeth as a support to the new teeth and then the visible portion; an artificial tooth is attached with the screw by using different tools. Teeth replacement needs many visits to your dietician, precautionary measures are taken and only specified food is eaten by the patient. It is major suggested by the dentists to practice oral care with hygiene to avoid dental decay and dental issues. With new teeth a person can chew his favorite food and it also provides support to remaining teeth.