Dental Restoration: Know the Resin Restoration

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The dental restoration is a technique used to recover the form and function of the teeth. Whenever a partial removal of the tooth is necessary, it suffers a fracture. The dentist can use various restorative techniques with the aim of recovering the broken or deteriorated tooth.

Specifically in the case of caries, the restoration is the final procedure of the treatment and has a function to fill the decayed cavity of the tooth, thus avoiding the recurrent action of the bacteria.

The tooth cavity can be filled with different types of materials, ranging from metal alloys to porcelain and resin. In today’s post, we will specifically address resin restoration, presenting its advantages and disadvantages. Want to know more? So keep following this post.

Resin restoration

When compared to other materials, the resin has a great aesthetic advantage. This is because it is the only material that gives a very natural result, since the professional can adjust its color and tone exactly the same as the original tooth.

This type of resin, however, is not recommended in the case of very large restorations, as they may flake or wear over time. Do not forget, the recommendation of a specialist is essential for a good treatment not only corrective but also preventive.

Special cares

Resin restoration also requires care so that the color of the tooth remains as original and the restoration is imperceptible to the naked eye.

The first concern is the ingestion of foods with dyes, which can promote stains on the resin itself. Therefore, those who have the tooth restored with this type of material should avoid coffee, wine, foods with industrialized dyes, coloring seasonings such as curry and also cigarettes.

In addition, brushing should be done with a soft bristled brush and no use of alcohol-based antiseptic mouthwash, since alcohol can compromise the quality of the resin.

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