Tips for Proper Tooth Brushing

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Proper tooth brushing is complementary for the removal of cavities and plaque and to clean gums and teeth in the right way. ?It takes approximately 2 minutes for proper cleaning of teeth. You must use a good tooth brush with round bristles, a tooth paste that tastes good and mouth wash. While brushing your teeth you must concentrate on your gum-line and areas where food can stuck. Use gentle strokes to the backside of your mouth and softly apply brush over your teeth.


First of all brush the outer surface of your teeth and then brush your lower teeth, brush the inner part of your teeth and then lower and upper part of the inside of teeth, apply brush over your tongue to clean the bacteria and other unnecessary particles. Gently apply brush over the chewing portion of teeth to remove plaque and freshen up your breath. You must select a brush with crisscross bristles or with round and soft bristles for proper teeth brushing. Brush head should be small as it can then reach and clean all the areas of mouth easily.

For fixed manual dexterity powered colgate tooth brush can work more expeditiously. You must clean your teeth twice a day and you should replace your toothbrush after every 3-4 months. Flossing can help a lot for removal of bacteria causing tooth decay and damage to molars. Brushing your teeth at 45 degree can be an excellent way to clean all the hidden areas inside your mouth. Use mouth wash for cleaning of gums, palate and tongue. If you do a proper tooth brushing daily, the risk of tooth damage can be minimized.