What are the Risks of not Extracting Smooth Teeth? A Dentist Explains about It

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When your wisdom tooth begins to be born you soon think “I have to extract”, maybe yes or maybe not. When this buccal partner is well positioned, without disturbing your mouth, it is okay to keep it. Now, when the patient begins to feel pain, have infections and perceive the biting of neighboring teeth, wisdom becomes a serious problem. If in these cases the tooth of judgment is not extracted, a series of even greater complications may arise. You do not want to risk going through that, right?

When is extraction required?

The patient may not even feel any pain, but if they find any difficulty in achieving wisdom during brushing, tooth removal surgery should be considered. Check out other reasons listed by Port Coquitlam dentist:

– When the patient has Pericoronitis, an inflammation that covers the entire tooth.

– When the synovium is partially born and is leaning over the front tooth, pressing.

– When the tooth is included or impacted inside the bone, ie, it was not born.

Its consequences

Depending on how the wisdom is positioned, larger problems may arise in the future. Occurrence of cavities, gingival diseases, due to the difficulty of hygiene in the place, reabsorption of the root of the neighboring tooth and until the development of cysts and tumors are all attentive conditions. This tooth, which seems to have no sense at all, can also leverage orthodontic issues. “Due to the lack of space for him to be born, it is believed that it can change the positioning of the neighboring teeth, causing them to become crooked.”

No need to be afraid of surgery

Fear is undoubtedly the main factor that leads people to not extract wisdom. From the moment the patient is under the care of a trained professional he will not be afraid anymore, because the professional will pass confidence.