How To Relieve Tooth Pain – Main Causes And Recommendations

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Toothache is a very uncomfortable feeling and can still reflect on other such headaches. Just like any other abnormal feeling in the body, tooth pain can be the cause of different problems.

Causes of toothache

Among the possible causes of toothache are:

Caries: The caries is a hole caused in the tooth by a bacterium. It happens when food residues are not well removed, attracting the bacteria that feed on it. If the caries makes very deep holes can reach the canal of the tooth (veins that connect it with the gum), causing intense pain.

Beats: Anyone who has suffered a beat in the mouth can fracture the tooth or its root. In this case, there will be enough pain in chewing or in contact with liquids and very hot or cold foods. To solve the problem it is best to go to a dentist to check the damages and perform the correct treatment.

Tooth is born: For the tooth to be born it needs to pierce the gum, a process that causes intense pain, especially when it comes to the last tooth of the arcade: the wisdom.

Warning signs to go to the dentist

If the tooth is bleeding, becomes slightly black or is still too sensitive to cold or hot foods for more than 5 days, consult Dr Minesh Patel a dentist in Bedford immediately as some serious injury may have occurred and you will need immediate measures that will vary according to each situation.

Remember that body aches are signs that something must be done to solve the problem that causes the discomfort. Therefore, if you have toothache, probably due to some caries, do not procrastinate with the dentist, as the tendency is for the pain to return with more intensity and the problem to become more difficult to treat.