What You Should Avoid When You?ve Diabetes

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Are you struggling with your diabetes? Don?t know what you should avoid to say on the safe side? No fuss, you?ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we?ve highlighted some foods you are supposed to avoid to keep your condition stable. Let?s find out what you aren?t supposed to consume when you?ve diabetes:

Sugary Beverages

Sugar-sweetened drinks and beverages are most dangerous things for diabetes patients. They are high in carbs and fructose, which greatly affect insulin resistance and can make your condition even worse. In addition to giving rise to diabetes, sugary beverages can also lead to other diabetes-related health conditions such as fatty liver, and heart diseases. So you should stay away from everything that is high in added sugar.

Paste, White Bread and Rice

White bread, pasta and rice are processed and high-carb foods, which are not supposed to be good for people with diabetes. Consuming bagels, bread and other refined-flour items may increase blood sugar levels especially in people with type one and two diabetes. One study found that foods containing high-carb bagel not only led to increased sugar levels but also affected brain function in type 2 diabetes patients. Mostly processed foods are low in fiber, which greatly affects the process of absorbing sugar into bloodstream.

Flavored Coffee Drinks

Coffee is considered as a healthy food; however, flavored coffee drinks can worsen your condition. They are loaded with carbs and even the light versions have enough carbs to raise your sugar levels. So, you should avoid drinking flavored coffee. It?s highly recommended that you drink espresso or plain coffee if you want to keep your sugar levels under control and avoid weight gain.

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