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Weight loss drinks are considered amazing for reducing extra weight. Elements used in weight loss drinks detoxify your arterial walls and brighten up your skin also. These drinks can be easily made at home using simple ingredients. Let?s have a look at different drinks used for weight reduction.


  1. Black coffee which is sugar free can amazingly work for burning fats. It is recommended to all the sportsmen and exercisers to drink black coffee before starting exercise or practice as it burns the fats more quickly and it can also work as an energy booster.
  2. Detoxified water which consists of a combination of water, sliced lemon, cucumber and garlic with a small amount of minced mint leaves can result in fat burning a keeping a beautiful body and skin. It can cast more quick results if drunk in morning and evening regularly.
  3. Ice water with a squeezed lemon in it can also burn your calories speedily. Ice cause fats burn when drunk with a blend of lemon juice and black pepper.
  4. Green tea is regarded as the best within the list of all weight loss drinks. Its sugar free, natural and contains no chemicals. People who drink green tea daily lose their weight more speedily as compared to those who drink water.
  5. Another drink that is very effective to reduce weight is made by a combination of boiling water, honey, cinnamon, ginger and lemon juice. This drink must be taken in morning time and before going to bed. It boosts the metabolism and causes a noticeable decrease in weight.
  6. Apple cedar vinegar, raspberry, blueberry, orange and watermelon detox water can help majorly in weight loss.