How to Naturally Detoxify Your Body?

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There are so many tips on how to detoxify your body in a natural way. Should you do it? Is it healthy? You may also be skeptical about some of the so-called detoxification and colon cleansing diets available. Have you asked me if there is any difference between the detoxification of the body and intestinal cleansing? You may also wonder if it will be the same thing.

Cleanse the body in different body zones. The intestinal cleansing does just that: it cleanses the colon. Similarly, a cleansing of the liver does the cleansing of the liver. Already the detoxification of the body, by its side, does a total cleaning of toxins and impurities of your body.

Here are some of the most common methods of natural detoxification of the body:


Fasting for water intake

If you are looking for the simplest and fastest method of detoxification, so this method is on the list, but must be practiced with some caution. As you can imagine, as you are fasting, your body is deficient in many nutrients. It is not one of the healthier choices, since you are only ingesting water. But if you choose this option, drink purified water.

There is only one rule to follow in this method, in addition to having previously consulted your doctor: do not eat any food, and drink only purified water for a day or two.

However, it effectively cleanses your colon, helps you lose weight and releases any harmful toxins that have accumulated and that may already be causing a feeling of weakness and mental tiredness.

As mentioned earlier do not forget that there is a major disadvantage: this method does not provide the body with any nutrients! Therefore, you should at most use it for one or two days, and only with the consent of your doctor! The 3 day detox cleanse method is another option.