How Does A Detox Recipe Can Be Beneficial For Our Health

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Detox recipe is linked to food which is healthy and does not contain toxins in it, which can affect your blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol level or increase body fat. Flavored drinks, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, sodas, concentrated juices promote oxidation and result in sickness by creating free radicals leading to different diseases like cell mutation. Similarly exposing to harmful UV rays by sun, cigarette smoke and other chemicals in the air result in different diseases, that?s why we need to intake detox food to fight against the harmful effects of these toxins.


Organic food can be a best choice for remaining healthy and active. Following are some of the amazing detox recipe tips which will improve your habit of eating healthy food. Steel cut oatmeal is the best choice for having a healthy breakfast. It contains oat, blueberry and coconut which are amazing antioxidants and make you look more fresh and beautiful. This meal can be baked at night and you can have it by warming it a little in oven. Antioxidants neutralize the harms of radicals and water is considered an outstanding natural antioxidant which detoxifies your body naturally.

It is strongly suggested to drink 10-11 glasses of water per day and if you don?t like plain water, you can add lemon in it or other herbs can be added to water and you can enjoy herbal tea as a detox recipe. Use a very low amount of sodium in your diet as it results in hydration of cells. Pink Himalayan salt and sea salt can be the best option for seasoning your food as they contain lesser amount of sodium and it can help in water regulation in the inner and outer walls of our cells. A detox recipe cleanses your body and makes you healthy. You can follow a 30 days detox nutrition plan to maintain a good health. Nutrition plans include use of detox tea, shakes and food to remove toxins and radicals from your body.

A detox recipe is the best way to remove fats, toxins and radicals from your body.