Helpful ways to Quitting Smoking

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Smoking is an unhealthy activity, which damages your lungs and makes you look old before time. One cigarette can cut 10 hours from your life. People, who want to quit smoking but can?t make it possible, can quit smoking by following the given tips on how to stop smoking cigarettes strictly.


  1. Choose a reason which is stronger than your urge to smoke. It can be to save and support your family, it can be to look young and it can be your desire to avoid heart disease, lung cancer or bad health.
  2. Don?t contain cigarettes with you so that when you need them you will not have one.
  3. Concentrate on ways to quitting smoking and don?t do it from today without making your mind to do it from tomorrow or next week.
  4. Be proud of yourself that you are not smoking and you have saved yourself from an unhealthy drug addiction.
  5. Hypnosis, medication, counseling and anti-smoking classes can help you a lot to quit turkey as the need of nicotine can distract you from your aim. Ask your doctor to provide you some tips and suggestion to avoid it.
  6. When your urge for nicotine exceeds you can have gums and lozenges as a replacement to cigarette and to fulfill the need of nicotine of your body.
  7. Take medicine for depression and headache if the urge for smoking doesn?t end.
  8. Talk to the people who are close to you. They can encourage you and support you by telling you the ways to quit smoking.
  9. When you will stop smoking you will find new ways to reduce the need of nicotine. You can go for massage, swimming, to an adventure trip with friends etc.