After Effects of Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking is really a tough job if you have spent years with this drug addiction. Every new thing takes time in life so feel easy if it took you about 8-10 weeks to feel comfortable without nicotine. When you quit smoking you feel an extreme urge for tobacco leading you to depression, nausea, anxiety and extreme headache. A chemical dependency is created by continuous nicotine inhaling. Your body will go through several side effects of quitting smoking but they will be temporary. Before reaching to a state of complete satisfaction without tobacco, you will go through the following stressful effects.


  1. Respiratory problems like coughing, cold, sore throats will be caused as the lungs will start recovering from the damages and clean themselves.
  2. Extreme headache, sweating, stomach problem can be happened to you.
  3. As an ex-smoker you will also feel sensation in your feet and hands because of the deficiency of nicotine.
  4. Effects of quitting smoking can be physical and mental too. You can go through various mood swings when you stop using tobacco.
  5. You can be tensed because of the cravings for nicotine and you can have cramps in different body parts.
  6. When a person stops smoking, it leads to an imbalance of different chemicals of which your body was used to and this can lead to a fight, unhealthy or pointless argument with your colleague or boss and it can be a hectic working day.

You go through multiple stages as side effects of quitting smoking. You feel a state of paralysis, nausea, being useless, short tempered, vagueness and depression but you must be strong enough to deal with it.