Who can I Become a Sports Coach?

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The idea of following the profession may even come from there (or even from the internet), but from then until the realization of that dream, there is a long way to go.

First of all, you need to research about the fitness careers, to know exactly what a personal trainer does.

You’ll also need training, insurance, gaining experience, ways to get new students, choosing a sport and it all takes time, perseverance and dedication.


How to become a personal trainer?

On social networks, we see several professionals turning a passion for sports and fitness into a career. There are also platforms that specialize in private lessons.

The appreciation of physical and healthy lifestyle is on the rise today. Proof of this are the advertisements of fitness products starring famous artists and the large number of Youtubers that are becoming known with the subject.

Of course, all this body worship should not exceed the limits of what can be considered psychologically healthy, but the fact is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, either for aesthetics or for health.

This context also increases the demand for private training, now more democratized. Consequently, the supply of professionals in the market tends to grow. And it may be that this factor also contributes to your willingness to join the career path.

But did you know that the sports coaching profession encompasses many niche markets? To exercise it, you need to have at least an idea of which one you want to follow:

  • Give classes at the gym;
  • Go to the student house;
  • Specialize in corporate training;
  • Specialize in some modality, such as yoga, among others.

To enter any of these niches, you will need to have a college degree in Physical Education. In addition, the personal trainer needs to be licensed by your city’s Regional Physical Education Council.