Aphrodisiac Foods: Do They Really Work?

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Aphrodisiac foods are made up of specific substances capable of stimulating and enhancing libido. There is a vast list of foods that cause this effect in the body, knowing what they are and increasing them in the menu is a good strategy to intensify the sex life.

The name aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, goddess of Greek mythology who represents love, fertility and seduction. Therefore, foods classified as aphrodisiacs may intensify these characteristics in the individual.

Aphrodisiac Foods

What are aphrodisiac foods?

A food can be an aphrodisiac because of its chemical composition, its aroma or even its shape. They have in common the ability to arouse feelings that resemble that of passion or intensify the will and need of the sexual act. These foods have the same effect on men and women.

They are indicated to assist in various situations; aphrodisiac foods are a great alternative for women suffering from low libido, for men with erectile problems, for couples looking for a way to spice up the relationship, among others. There are no contraindications for the consumption of these foods, provided they are ingested in moderate amount.

Remember that the list of aphrodisiac foods includes sweets, salads, spices and even drinks. Among the most popular are pepper, chocolate, oyster, ginger and wine.

Do they really work?

The proof of the aphrodisiac effect can be explained by the effect that the food causes in the body. Chocolate, for example, contains tryptophan, which is the precursor of serotonin – the wellness hormone, much produced by the body when we’re in love.

Peppers and basil are good foods for the circulatory system. When ingested, they have the ability to increase heart rate, stimulate blood circulation and even intensify perspiration, common effects on the body during sex. In addition, pepper can cause slight irritation to the genitals, a sensation very similar to arousal.

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