Preserving Your Fertility

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It is currently true that couples have children later. The more demanding and competitive labor market leads people to specialize more and with this marriage and children are in the background. Moreover, the time of exposure to gynecological problems and diseases in general is long which increases the chances of these manifest themselves. Important is the awareness of this fact and practice measures to preserve fertility.

In women we know that fertility begins to decrease noticeably from 35 years on in the general population. We are born with a pre-defined number of eggs that we “spend” throughout our lives, so our eggs are the age we have right now. It is well known that older eggs, such as those age 40 or older, are at higher risk if, if fertilized, they generate babies with malformations or syndromes. Nowadays, the woman who wishes to become pregnant later has the conditions to freeze her eggs and schedule a pregnancy later, because the “frozen” eggs are the woman’s age at the moment of being frozen, thus reducing the risks for the formed baby and increasing the chances of a pregnancy later. IVF is another way-out, look for surrogacy cost in Kolkata. In addition, it is important that we have good habits, avoiding smoking, maintaining a balanced diet, practicing physical exercises and consulting your doctor and gynecologist regularly.

The skilled health professional will initiate a series of procedures with the intention of diagnosing and solving the problem, whenever possible, for this couple. Research may require blood or imaging tests (such as ultrasonography of a woman’s reproductive tract), or the spermogram, which measures the quantity and quality of sperm, can be performed.

There are several treatment options for infertility, ranging from lifestyle changes such as decreased smoking, weight loss and increased frequency of sexual intercourse. Learn more at?