List of Foods That Accelerate Weight Loss

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There are foods that can accelerate the thermogenesis of the body and this contributes greatly to the faster caloric burn. Know what they are and eliminate the extra pounds:


Rich in omega 3, it helps in speeding up the metabolism and still offers a younger look to the skin.


It has as its main active capsaicin; this is a very important metabolism stimulant.


In addition to having low calorie, the apple still speeds up metabolism, helping to reduce weight.

List of Foods That Accelerate Weight Loss

Turkey breast

It contributes to the diet due to several factors, such as the fact that it offers complete proteins and low saturated fat. In addition, it contains tryptophan; this is an amino acid that prepares serotonin, a neurotransmitter that reduces craving for refined carbohydrates. Apart from that it is also a lean meat that has proteins that need body energy in digestion, which causes the metabolism to accelerate.


It promotes fat burning by being responsible for thermogenic action, which increases the energy expenditure of the body.

Tuna fish

Source of omega 3 fatty acids that plays the role of stimulating the production of leptin (hormone linked to satiety), tuna is rich in proteins of high biological value and these require the body more calories to make digestion. Understand also that the higher the percentage of lean body mass, the faster the metabolism will be.


In addition to providing fiber and vitamins to the body, they also provide the feeling of satiety.

Volkano Gel

Other than above natural foods, there are also weight loss supplements having all natural substances in their formulas. The Volkano Termogenico is one of them. This supplement is not to eat; it is only to apply on skin. It has special thermogenic effects and creates heat inside body that makes fatty tissues melt faster.