How to Best Manage Your Time at Work?

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Time management is vital to success in the workplace. With smartphones and social media, there can be plenty of distractions at work. These distractions, although benign, hurt productivity and efficiency at work. Breaking bad habits of poor time management can be tough, but with the steps below, you?ll see that it can be done and make a positive impact on your professional life.


  1. Team Up – There are certainly people in your life, whether they are coworkers, friends, or family, that you attribute good time management to. Try working with them on a project together. Observe what they do differently than you and how it contributes to better time management. Teaming up with them, working side by side, gives you a nice glimpse into their work ethic and the methods they employ to stay on task.
  2. Prioritize– Working on important tasks in the morning and less important tasks in the afternoon is a great way to balance the day and manage time. In the morning, our minds are fresh and ready for adventure, but by the end of the day they can be tired, worn out, and not functioning as well as the morning hours. For this reason, don?t burden yourself with important decisions in the afternoon! Prioritizing the decisions you have to make will help you analyze your clients, your work and make changes to become more efficient.
  3. Micro-changes – Sometimes, it is the smallest of details that can get us off track. Things like phones ringing, text messages, or the barrage of emails in our inbox every morning can set us spiraling in distraction. Setting time aside to answer all calls in bulk, or a few hours when you turn your phone off, can increase your productivity. Additionally, simply reorganizing the order in which we complete tasks can massively impact how we do our work. Working in a prioritized bulk manner will radically improve your time management.

Managing time effectively can take a lifetime to master, but getting started now will only get you to that stage sooner. The tips above are simple, easy to do, and hopefully, easy to stick with. They can dramatically improve time management, leading to more efficient and economical work, and a better everyday professional experience.

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.