Wilderness Treatment – The Effective Addiction Program

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It?s a shame that many aren?t aware that there is such a thing called wilderness treatment.? At the base level, it?s literally an extended trip into the forests, mountains, or deserts.? Most of us would call that a vacation!? The difference is that it is a bit more structured and intended to guide people struggling with addiction through a healing process with counselors and others sharing similar struggles.


Long periods of hiking, camping, fishing, and swimming remind us of the possibility of having fun without substance abuse and the problems that come along with it, such as difficulty in learning and focus, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and so much more.? In the down time the group may sit down to enjoy dinner around a campfire and open up to each other to offer support and understanding.? Counselors are there to guide the conversations in the right direction as well.

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Sadly there are people who go bankrupt trying to fund repeated trips to rehabilitation centers after several relapses.? Detoxification visits to the hospital are expensive as they require constant supervision and medication to keep withdrawal safe.? None of this is needed.? No extended stays in expensive buildings with inflated costs.? Nature is readily available and nothing works better than getting back in touch with adventure, authenticity, and genuinely being who you are without the pressures of bad friends and associates.

If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with addiction and rash behaviors due to it, please be aware of the availability of wilderness treatment centers.? They exist around the United States, are affordable as most camping trips, and boast a much higher rate of long-lasting success for those who attend with an open heart, mind, and a wishfulness to achieve a return to normalcy and full health.