Stud Briefs – The Ultimate Cooling Underwear to Boost Fertility, Energy, and Testosterone

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Semen quality in men is declining, and one of the main reasons is the lack of effective cooling.  Low fertility in men can affect the way they lead their life, sometimes even threatening their future.


Infertility, low sperm count, and low testosterone are common problems in modern times, affecting millions of men throughout the world. Studies show that testis temperature is key to a man’s wellness. Many other studies report that increased scrotal temperature negatively affects sperm count and overall male fertility. There are many solutions available to help reduce scrotal temperature.

One solution is Stud Briefs – cooling underwear designed to help increase testosterone and fertility by keeping your testicles cool, improving blood flow and sperm count. Dedicated male underwear that provides reduced temperature and improved blood flow (as much as 10% in fact). You can explore more information on the official website or invest in the project on Kickstarter if you like Stud Brief’s idea.

The chemical compounds that make up most modern fabrics are designed to absorb moisture, adding bulkiness to the material and making it difficult for your body to release heat through evaporation. Stud Briefs is a natural alternative to expensive HRT and can help increase your fertility. Unlike other cooling underwear products, Stud Briefs were designed with fertility specifically in mind. The idea behind Stud Briefs was born out of a passion for male health and how much untapped potential men had in their natural fertility.


Stud Briefs: Why Do I Need Them?

The health of sperm is dependent on the temperature of the scrotum. Unlike women, who have an internal body temperature that can vary widely but can still conceive, men are far more limited. Stud Briefs underwear design offers cooling and healthy scrotal support to enhance testicular cooling. Since overheating is a known cause of male infertility you’ll want to get into some cool clothes as soon as possible.