Pharmacy Technicians – The Basics

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The certified professionals who are greatly responsible for the administration of all prescriptions fulfillment process aspects are the pharmacy technicians. They also provide assistances to the pharmacist with the daily operations. Any aspiring pharmacy technicians can finish one straight year for a diploma or certification program in a reputable pharmacy technician school such as the Ashworth College. You can also obtain an associate degree in pharmacy technician program for two straight years.

This article will be your guide in attaining comprehensive information about pharmacy technician training with rewarding career guideline and great job opportunities in this fast-growing industry.

In general, pharmacy technicians are working under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist to release medication and give appropriate information to the customers. Typically, pharmacy technicians work behind pharmacy counters of a drugstore, medical facility, grocery store, nursing home, and hospital. Additionally, this position involves working with pharmacists and patients and occasionally with pharmaceutical representatives.

Pharmacy technicians are up for a wonderful career in the healthcare industry. It is highly in-demand and expected to keep the demand high in the next 10 years. Hence, this makes the pharmacy technicians extremely great career path. In 2014, the median of the annual wage of pharmacy technicians was brought up to almost thirty thousand dollars. However, this value varies through states.

In connection with the demands of pharmacy technicians, below is the top 10 list of estimated percentage of pharmacy technicians? hiring expansion in every state.

  • Idaho – 32 %
  • Utah – 30%
  • Colorado ? 30%
  • Texas ? 28%
  • Tennessee ? 26%
  • Georgia ? 25%
  • Florida ? 24%
  • North Carolina ? 23%
  • Arizona ? 22%
  • Kentucky ? 22%

A diploma or certificate program in pharmacy technician normally can be completed in a year or less. This course of study will provide the basic education and training required to earn the sit for the certified pharmacy technician examination. These programs feature basic concepts in the pharmaceutical technology and pharmacy law and ethics as well as record keeping and pharmacology. Pharmacy technician study includes a combination of classroom learning and laboratory training. Through these rigorous classes and training, students in pharmacy technician course will know how to dispense medication and manage prescription orders, additionally, prepare sterile products.

Ashworth College offers the most comprehensive pharmacy technician programs online. These programs include but not limited to the ones enumerated below.

  • Drug Classification and Pharmaceutical Calculations

This program includes trade names and generic names, dosage forms, and routes of administration pharmacologic classes systems of measurement in decimals, ratios, percents, and proportions.

  • Pharmacology

This program covers antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals. In addition, it also tackles the anesthetics and narcotic pain relievers. Additionally, psychiatric drugs, and drugs for CNS disorders as well as respiratory and gastrointestinal drugs as well as renal, urinary, and cardiovascular drugs. Pharmacology also includes discussions on muscle relaxants, nonnarcotic analgesics, hormones and tropical. Lastly, the program also includes chemotherapy and miscellaneous pharmaceutical products.

Other than two programs listed above that Ashworth College offers, community and hospital pharmacy practice are also included in the online course program as well as laboratory simulation and certification preparation. Ashworth College allows you start your pharmacy technician degree any time you like it or ready and graduate as early as 4 months.