Tips for Ending Bloating in Your Belly

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Regardless of the belly being swollen because of gas, menstruation, constipation or fluid retention in the body, to relieve the discomfort in 3 or 4 days, great strategies include avoid eating food with too much salt or ready seasoning, decrease milk consumption , pasta and breads in general and avoid using refined sugars.

In addition, taking fennel, lemon balm or mint tea during the day, calms the production of gas and helps in its elimination, especially when the swelling of the abdomen occurred because of ingestion of expired food or contaminated with any bacteria that have caused gastroenteritis.

Other major causes of bloating belly may be gastritis, irritable bowel or indigestion. And in such cases, when swelling accompanies pain and is very frequent or does not completely relieve it is important to consult a gastroenterologist to do exams and begin treatment for the diagnosed illness.


What to do if it is gases

To decrease the formation of gases eat natural yoghurt or with active bifida daily, at breakfast for example, it is a good strategy. These yogurts have bacteria that regulate food fermentation and gas production.

Exercising for belly swelling

Besides eating, there are some exercises that also help to reduce bloating, such as:

Exercise 1

A good exercise for swelling in the belly is to lie flat on the stomach by bending and holding a knee, pressing it towards the belly. This exercise should be done in turn for each of the legs and should be repeated between 20 to 30 times for each leg.

Exercise 2

Another excellent exercise to stop the swelling in the belly is to kneel and try to sit on the heel, then stretching forward to extend the arms. This exercise allows the alignment of the end of the intestine with the anal sphincter, which facilitates the escape of gases.