How To Lose 10 To 20 Kg In Less Than 1 Month?

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Who ever wondered how to lose weight for wedding in 1 month? This is the desire and nightmare of many people! And for not being is not an easy task, many people begin to do diets and exercises, but ends up giving up.

One of the important tips for anyone who wants to build a good menu is to avoid cutting down some food group altogether, simply make reductions or substitutions for healthier foods that have the same food groups.

How To Lose 10 To 20 Kg In Less Than 1 Month?

See below the menu:


1 cup sugar free coffee

1 egg made on 1 slice of white cheese

1 fruit


1 glass of natural yogurt and nuts


1 serving of arugula salad, watercress and carrots

1 fillet (110 g) of chicken breast

2 col. (soup) brown rice

1 cup broccoli and steamed cauliflower

1 apple or lemon juice for dessert


1 pear and a small portion of grapes


1 serving of lettuce salad, chard, beet and heart of palm

1 Red beef steak (150 g)

2 col. (soup) Eggplant chopped and braised

2 col. (soup) brown rice

1 serving of fruit salad without sugar


1 slice of white cheese or 1 natural yogurt

1500 calories average.

How To Lose 10 To 20 Kg In Less Than 1 Month?

Did you like the 1 month diet?

Do not wait to get fit for wedding, and live a healthy life. You may be surprised to realize that your body is a fat burning machine, but you do not know how to use it!

Losing weight does not have to be a sacrifice! My love is that! It is enough of wasting time spending hours in the gym without getting any results. It is enough of starving to end up boasting and getting fatter. Welcome to the world of the people who made it through the 1 month challenge.