Learn How to Recover Lost Sleep Nights

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Since you cannot recover lost nights, have a sleeping routine, good eating habits and physical activity. Once these items are structured, negotiate with your own body about the amount of hours of sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, we have some tips for getting you to sleep fast.


What to do for fast sleep

The appropriate time to start the first phase of the sleep cycle is up to 15 minutes. At this time, try to be relaxed at bedtime, without a full stomach and the ambience of the dark, quiet and pleasant temperature room.

Sleep after lunch

There is a lot of distinct information about the nap after lunch. It’s okay to take a nap after lunch. If you can do this and make it a habit, enjoy this form of rest quietly. Check out the benefits of napping.

Here are some tips to help you improve your night’s sleep.

  • Find out the right amount of sleep for your body
  • Set a sleep routine to always sleep at the same time
  • Take care of the sleeping environment so that it is dark, quiet and with a temperature around 22oC
  • Avoid heavy eating, stimulating drinks and foods such as soda, coffee and chocolate two hours before bedtime
  • Do not do intense physical activity two hours before bedtime
  • Leave aside the use of electronics, such as cell phone, notebook, tablet, TV, etc., to sleep

When you sleep well, you are likely to wake up relaxed the next day, so your body is less tense and less likely to stress problems that, if they happen after a bad night’s sleep, can be a big factor in daily stress. Thus, a good night’s sleep can bring a more peaceful and healthy day to physical and mental health.

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