The New Fashion in the Fitness World is Alternative Flours

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If you think flour only makes cake and bread, it’s time to review the concepts. In addition to flour, there is passion fruit, sweet potato, eggplant, chia etc. Each has its usefulness and contribution to the diet – just search and chooses the one that’s right for you.


Everything can turn into flour and it can turn into a lot. Flour making is an ancient process used by many Western and Eastern civilizations as a way to preserve food longer. These new flours serve as nutrient inputs for functional foods, which offer specific nutritional benefits for those who consume them.

Because they are ground, the flours are easily digested and the nutrients quickly absorbed. They are also rich in fiber (except refined ones), which contributes to lower glycemic index, regulate cholesterol, prolong satiety and improve bowel function.


Each type has different health benefits and many are gluten free. But beware, flours are often caloric, so they should be consumed in moderation. To get the most out of them, you should follow the nutritional guidance of a professional. It is important to remember that they are not miraculous.

The alternative flours serve as a supplement in a diet. There are three essential foods that should be eaten throughout the day: egg, coconut and quinoa. Quinoa flour is one of those items that cannot be missed in anyone’s diet.


A hint of invention

Trying “different” flours is also a way of finding new flavors and using creativity in the kitchen. They can sophisticate a traditional recipe, serve as a side dish or add desserts, yogurts, salads, vitamins, juices, porridge, breaded, granola, pan cakes, among other options.


These special flours have chemical properties that differ from traditional wheat flour. In wheat flour recipes, try partially substituting another type. Don’t change everything: total substitution would mismatch the dish.